Antitrust & Trade Regulations


We help companies choose the best antitrust policies, as they may be largely complex to their business. We possess a distinctive attribute of providing advice on trade compliances along with litigation support in issues relating to competition, trade, legal metrology, packaging standards, drugs & cosmetics. Our focal point rests on setting up a standard strategy that complies with the existing business arena. We also assist in commercial negotiations involving trade regulations, claims including dominance claims, restrictive agreements and risk management plans.

Business Law


We advise clients on contractual issues emphasizing the aspect of commerce in their field of business. We render services relating to day-to-day business affairs on one hand and advise on various multi-level commercial issues on the other, where versatile expertise is required. Our advice encompasses strategic business transactions providing a complete range of business agreements, privacy policy, terms & conditions, special contracts, manufacturing, franchising, joint ventures, licensing, agency, sales and many other related aspects, offering the best possible solution.


Environmental Law


We offer necessary assistance to clients who are engaged in manufacturing and services industry that require strict adherence to environmental compliances and regulations. It is one of the key areas where extreme attention is mandated, as it may attract potential problems and encounter phenomenal dangers. Our team assists you with the challenges of the established environmental statutory regulatory authorities and opines on the best course of action.


Intellectual Property Law


Our services include drafting contracts relating to assignments/licensing of IP assets, commercial agreements including non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, filing & prosecution of Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights. We engage in proceedings such as oppositions, invalidations, rectifications and transfer pricing in IP valuations. We provide high quality legal opinions on IP issues and assist clients on IP monitoring services. We also assist in trademark audits, due diligence reviews and help individuals with personality rights such as comparative advertising.




We have a broad experience in various areas of corporate, consumer, business, IP, technology, antitrust, real-estate litigation. Our team has adopted a highly consistent litigation practice model to suit each client’s needs. All issues will be handled with utmost care and high degree of attention to effectively contest in the courts of law. We suggest the most appropriate dispute resolution model and our opinion goes hand in hand to suit the particular issue at stake. Our exceptional approach of perceiving client’s requirements has exhibited successive results to a greater extent.


Real Estate & Infrastructure


The real estate scenario has grown tremendously and requires extensive practical understanding to opine on the existing circumstances. Our real estate practices offer specialist advisory services, predominantly enabling the clients to benefit from our end to end solutions. We guide them through various existing compliances ranging from conventional to highly sophisticated transactions involving property regulatory matters. We have in-depth knowledge to route the deal in the most suitable manner, be it ownership, outsourcing, construction agreements, joint ventures, public private partnerships and the like.


Technology Law


Our predominant areas of advice in Technology include data protection & privacy, software licensing, domain names, privacy policy, outsourcing, data management, and other features embedding E-commerce and Intellectual Property. Our profound understanding on the subject enables us to deliver our clients with a planned schedule of organizing compliances relating to the technology space. We work on a smooth offline platform to make good the online workstations rendering an extraordinary outcome.