We offer our clients an expert legal advice.

More than just a lawyer

We take pride in going that extra mile to find the optimal solution that protects our clients' interests and objectives.


There is nothing people are so generous of, than providing advice. Intellectual thoughts are highly valued but our preliminary consultation is offered complimentary.

Understand the Alternatives

ADR refers to a diverse range of processes that offer parties resolve disputes without a trial. In wider terms the following are the typical ADR processes.


Striding for your Success.

We at Lex Apotheke aim to achieve the finest outcome for our clients by providing an extensive legal support for their business needs. Our legal advice and consultation are bedrocked on various clients' needs by contemplating the ever changing business world. We are equipped with high degree of professionalism, expertise, organized strategic notion and an exceptional insight to provide the best solution to intricate issues. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and to develop a winning strategy. Our team has a wide range of experience in various practice areas and we are confident that our pragmatic approach will aid in building up further cordial relationships, yielding favorable results for our clients.