About Us

Lex Apotheke is identified with high ethical values compounded with greatest client attention and satisfaction. Our extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge benefit our clients to attain their most desired objectives.

Our distinctive strengths in various vertical have enabled us to reach the commercial sectors with an intense approach. We offer complete legal solutions for businesses that allow us to acquire diversity in a wide range of sectors. Our integrated innovative approach has always impressed our clients and this has been assessed as our outstanding quality. Our commitment to provide an enhanced outcome is probably just another reason that our clients would not want to let go the flavor offered by us.

We have our offices in the Metropolitan City of Chennai, India and have representative offices in all other major cities in India. Our team of lawyers are well qualified and have been handpicked after an intensive evaluation to match our standards. Our Lawyers have several years of experience and possess an extensive knowledge in their chosen line of practice. Our team is competent enough to tailor the legal strategy for your business needs by thorough evaluation of the nature of the industry, structure of the business, risk tolerance, financial considerations and other allied aspects. Our team will add value by providing effective practical solutions going beyond the perceivable limits.

What We Offer?

Ethical Dimensions

We are abound with an un-compromising attitude towards good values. We fulfill our goals emphasizing on ethics.

Reasonable Cost

Our high quality services and succinct deliverables take into account your budgetary considerations.


Our team takes pride in performing a thorough research and offering the most appropriate solution.

Client Relationship

We stay as your supporters making you feel entirely comfortable and will ever have a gentle presence in your business life.