Privacy Policy

This policy describes what we do with personal information that we collect from you and the ways in which we may collect that information.


We may collect information from you through your use of our website, when you request information from us or send in your queries to us through the contact us page or send in your details for opportunities or engage our legal or other services or as a result of your relationship with our firm. The purpose of the facility on our website is apparent at the point that you provide your personal information and we only use your information for those purposes.


By using any of our services including our website and by providing us with any personal information, you are consenting to the use of your personal information as set out in this policy. Please do not send us any personal information if you do not want your personal information to be used in this way. We may use your personal information to improve this website, to improve our services, to compile website usage statistics, to manage our services, to manage our relationship with you and the others including our clients, to fulfill our legal obligations, for the purpose of recruitment, for other legitimate service and/ or for other resource purposes. In case of re-organizing, transferring all or part of our professional services we may need to transfer your information to other new and or existing entities of Lex Apotheke or to third parties through which the services shall be carried out.


All your information that are received by us through electronic communications may not be secure and, unless you are already a client, it will not be treated as privileged and/or confidential. In some circumstances we may be required to disclose your information to certain authorities to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. Please note that it is your personal responsibility to ensure that your information provided to us is up to date. Advice us on any change of information.


Copyright of the material of third parties that are published in this website is with their consent and/or permission. With the exception of copyright belonging to third parties and unless otherwise stated, the content of this website and all other material belongs to Lex Apotheke and/or its affiliated undertakings. Any reproduction, transmission and storing of all or part of this website and the materials available through it is prohibited. You are not permitted to give a link to this website or the materials contained herein without our written consent subject to more.


We reserve the rights to request you to remove any such link to our website and you agree to remove such link immediately. When your information is received through our website you will be providing it to Lex Apotheke as a whole including its affiliates and subsidiaries or any third parties for the purpose of rendering essential services and you should be aware the such information may be accessed from countires whose laws provide a different set of data protection which may not be equivalent to the protection as provided in your own jurisdiction.