English court of Appeal

Failure of parties to specify the number of Arbitrators in an Arbitration agreement leads to the appointment of a sole Arbitrator. Itochu Corporation V. Johann M.K.Bluementhal & another [2012] EWCA Civ 996

Civil and commercial Mediation Bill introduced in Spanish Congress

IF passed, this bill will standardize the binding effect of Mediation in Spain. This bill significantly promises to reduce the workload of Spanish Courts.

Yamuna water worsened in 10 years

The Supreme Court of India is of the opinion that huge public funds is spent without any improvement in the quality of the water in Yamuna. SC had sought details on imformation on the number of effluent treatment and sewage plants. The court had passed a series of orders in this connection for the last 18 years.

Revised ICC Rules of Arbitration

ICC had published the revised rules after the last update in 1998. These rules are genrally used by parties for International commercial Arbitrations administered by the ICC. The revisions intends to improve transparancy and clarity in arbitral process. The revised rulesa are effective since 1 January 2012.

European Unified Patent Court

A new draft of the agreement on creation of a European Unified Patent Court has been issued by the Council of the European Union. The latest version shows the changes agreed earlier this year, including to locate the central office in Paris with divisions in London and Munich.

Copyright Dispute Involving the Google Library Project

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google Inc. have reached a settlement in a seven-year copyright dispute involving the Google Library Project, allowing the inclusion of copyrighted digital works. Under the settlement, announced in a joint press release, Google will allow users to browse up to 20 percent of a book's content, and then enable them to purchase digital copies through Google Play."Under the agreement, books scanned by Google in the Library Project can now be included by publishers," the release said.The agreement settles a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Google on 19 October 2005 by five AAP member publishers, it said. "As the settlement is between the parties to the litigation, the court is not required to approve its terms."The rest of the terms of the agreement are confidential, the parties said.

Amendment of the Competition Act 2002

Cabinet approves amendment of the Competition Act, 2002 with a view to fine tune it and to meet the present day needs in the field of competition, in the light of the experiences gained in the actual working of the Competition Commission of India in the last few years. Major amendments approved by the Cabinet relate to changing the definition of "turnover", "Group" etc.

Foreign Direct Investment in Single Brand Retail

Amendment of conditions in the policy on Foreign Direct Investment in single-brand product retail trading. The Cabinet has approved the proposal of the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion for amendment of the existing policy on Foreign Direct Investment in Single-Brand Product Retail Trading.